DraftKings Best Ball Rankings

DraftKings Best Ball Rankings

DraftKings launched their initial slate of best ball tournaments yesterday... and we have you covered with uploadable rankings.

DraftKings is a bit of a different landscape than Underdog. Because it's a PPR site with yardage bonuses, some players are more valuable than in half-PRR. But DraftKings drafters also tend to play things a little differently.

For whatever reason, QBs tend to go earlier on DK. There's only so much it makes sense to swim upstream against this dynamic. So, I tend to break ties toward grabbing a QB if I'm thinking about it. I still want to push things when a great FLEX value presents itself, but it's worth considering how much you're gaining when passing on a QB target. Feeling locked out at QB is pretty annoying.

These rankings reflect these site specifics, as well as the overall ADP landscape.

One other thing to note that's harder to capture in the rankings—DraftKings' ADP tends to be a lot more reactive than Underdog's. If a player starts sliding on news on DraftKings, they can pretty quickly drop a couple of rounds or more. If you see a player with a Q tag past ADP... it's sometimes worth pushing him another round.

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