What is Legendary Upside

Legendary Upside was created by Pat Kerrane, a fantasy football analyst and player. The goal of the site is to provide evidenced-based fantasy football analysis that is actionable for a variety of fantasy football formats.

Why should I subscribe to Legendary Upside?

We want everything we do at Legendary Upside to be of the highest quality. As a smaller outfit and newer to the scene, high quality analysis can mean... less posts than other sites.

This is not a site that will be pumping out several articles every day, even at peak volume. However, we are committed to creating thought-provoking, actionable, and in-depth content with regularity. Ultimately, if we are analyzing a game, it's not to meet a content quota. It's because we have thought deeply about that game and want to share those thoughts. If we're analyzing players, we're trying to land on the right answer — even though we'll be wrong a lot — rather than finding an angle that will generate attention.

Am I guaranteed to win my fantasy league if I subscribe?

Nope. Fantasy football is a high variance game where you can follow a great process and still not win or have no process at all and win going away. At Legendary Upside, we make no guarantees and are not claiming to provide financial advice of any kind.

What is Legendary Upside's cancellation policy?

Legendary Upside offers subscription products on a monthly or yearly renewal schedule. You can cancel your subscription anytime, and you will not be charged in the future. We do not offer refunds on these products.

How do I get in touch with questions, comments, or concerns?

Please email us at legendaryupside@gmail.com or reach out on social media.