About the Author

I first started playing fantasy football when I was 14, in a league set up by another 14-year-old. As you might imagine, the scoring settings were a disaster. We had something absurd like 0.5 points per carry, and I'm pretty sure there were 0 points per reception. I thought Eddie George, who averaged 3.7 yards per carry on 403 (!) carries in the 2000 season, was the height of fantasy football excellence.

After dabbling with fantasy football through high school and college, I got kind of obsessed with it in my mid-20s. This obsession was fueled by devouring every article published on a newly launched fantasy football site: RotoViz.

Led by the mythical Fantasy Douche, the site wasn't shy about challenging conventional fantasy football analysis, draft strategies, and methods for prospect evaluation. It spoke to me.

I wrote articles and recorded podcasts for RotoViz from 2014-2019, and along the way, I met Peter Overzet and Ben Gretch, my Ship Chasing co-hosts. Pete recently detailed how we became friends while creating the Fantasyland podcast for RotoViz.

In 2020, Establish the Run gave me the opportunity to write and podcast for them. ETR has been another huge influence on my fantasy football analysis.

In 2021, NBC Sports Edge (but really, Rotoworld) hired me as a full-time fantasy football content creator. Before that, I'd been freelancing on that side while holding down a project management job. Going full-time in the industry was genuinely a dream come true.

And it's fair to say that I'm running hot... because in January 2023, I took down Underdog's Best Ball Mania III tournament.

(I drafted out of the 1.07, not the 1.10. But fortunately, the prize money was not a typo).

The life-changing win gave me an opportunity to launch my own site/newsletter.

The name Legendary Upside comes from an article series I wrote on targeting upside RB profiles in the early rounds. It seemed especially fitting since both Austin Ekeler and Saquon Barkley (my first two picks in BBM III) were on the Legendary RB target list for 2022.

My goal with this publication is to produce entertaining content that is also highly actionable and beneficial to your fantasy football outcomes every season. I plan to keep certain posts completely free and public going forward. My Legendary RB Scenarios article being a prime example.

But this is now my full-time gig, so much of the content will be reserved for full access members of the site.

At the very least, I would ask that you sign up for the free newsletter subscription. That will get you access to all free newsletter posts and free previews of posts delivered to your inbox. Here's an example of the type of content you can expect.