Introducing the LegUp Sidekick

Introducing the LegUp Sidekick

Over the past few months, we've been in the lab. And when I say the lab... I mean the lab. We added an astroparticle physicist to the team.

If you used our playoff best ball dynamic rankings last year, you'll be familiar with the core concept.

Given extremely encouraging playoff best ball results, we decided to develop something that would be even more powerful for the 2024/25 playoffs—but that also works for 2024 regular season tournaments.

In other words, the playoff best ball tool... but for BBM5.

Introducing the Sidekick

The LegUp Sidekick is a dynamic rankings tool.

If you used our playoff best ball tool, you're familiar with the concept.

You put each of your picks in, and it reorders your rankings.

This is like that...

Except you don't have to put your picks in anymore.

All you do is select a player—the Sidekick automatically updates the rankings. It also automatically pulls players out of the pool as other teams draft them.

Are you in slow draft hell?

Not anymore. You have individually customized rankings waiting for you in every draft.

Multi-tabling fast drafts?

The Sidekick generates customized rankings for every draft... including simultaneous fast drafts.

Your Trusty Sidekick

The Sidekick, powered by the Legendary Upside best ball rankings, dynamically adjusts rankings as a draft progresses, accounting for roster construction, same-team stacking, and bring-back correlation.

It also incorporates smaller edges, like steering you away from QBs with overlapping byes and toward building in stacking optionality.

Crucially, the Sidekick also understands the importance of diversifying your teams.

We built the Sidekick to break ties at the frequency that we actually want to be breaking them at.

This is the key to building a +EV portfolio around your highest-conviction targets.

This accomplishes two fundamental goals:

  1. The Sidekick won't funnel you to the same teams every time.
  2. The Sidekick won't funnel you to the same teams as everyone else using it.

You'll still want to review and manage your exposures outside of the Sidekick. But our hope is that the review process should start in a place that you're much happier with.

Don't worry—it's not built to flatten out your exposures entirely. We're scouring every crevice (and crevasse) for this year's league winners. And when we strongly believe that we've identified a rare opportunity, the Sidekick will let you know about it. The Sidekick won't push you to mega stands, you'll have to override it a bit to get those. But you'll regularly see our favorite players near the top of the list.

Features and Roadmap

Fundamentally, the Sidekick is a Firefox extension that provides dynamic rankings in a draft overlay or as a second screen companion.

We're continuously working to improve and develop the Sidekick. You can read about its features in detail and check out the roadmap here.

Currently, the Sidekick only works on Underdog and only with the LegUp rankings. But we hope to add DraftKings functionality and custom uploadable rankings soon.

What Does the Sidekick Cost?

  • $499/year
  • $199/month

Do I Get Credit for my Current LegUp Sub?


When upgrading to the Sidekick, Any remaining value on your LegUp subscription will be prorated toward your Sidekick subscription—Sidekick subscriptions include all LegUp content.

If you're an existing subscriber, you'll also remain on the same billing cycle, with the cost of the Sidekick prorated by the time remaining until your LegUp subscription expires.

Any Deals?


While supplies last... new LegUp yearly subscriptions come with a $25 Underdog credit.

Sidekick plans include an additional $25. Meaning, that as a new yearly subscriber, signing up for a yearly Sidekick tier plan will come with a $50 Underdog credit... while supplies last.

I just need your username.

If you're an existing subscriber, by upgrading to the Sidekick, you're now eligible for another $25 in credit–again... while supplies last.

If you have a $25 renewal credit coming up... you'll get that either way, but you'll become eligible for it as soon as you upgrade.

(All Underdog credits take about a week to hit your account after you become eligible).

Is Playoff Best Ball Included?


By signing up for a yearly Sidekick plan, you're locking in access to the playoff best ball version of the Sidekick, which will have several major improvements on last year's tournament-winning design.

Anything Else Included?


In addition to including access to all LegUp content, the Sidekick plan includes two other tools.

We have a handy market visualizer tool that helps quickly get you up to speed on where we differ from the market.

We also have a Jaccard similarity tool that leverages Sackreligious' Jaccard Similarity calculations to help you quickly visualize how diversified your portfolio is.

If you're curious, here's how my portfolio compares to Sackreligious' through the Jaccard Similarity lens.

I am taking a more diversified approach to player selection—I'm just as surprised as you are—but Sackreligious is still not far behind in how diversified his portfolio is. I have a 37th percentile diversification score; Sackreligious is 31st.

This shows that Sackreligious is doing an impressive job of building teams that are distinct from one another, even while concentrating his player bets.

And even though I have a more diversified target list, I might actually want to mix up my structures and pairings a bit more.

One important note

The Market Inefficiency Visualizer and Jaccard Similarity Tool are not part of the stress test.

They're only included as part of the Sidekick plan (and did I mention we're running a flash sale?)

Admittedly, these tools are sign-up perks. But we think they're fun perks.

Any Other Perks?


Anyone who signs up for a Sidekick plan by Thursday afternoon will get a Sidekick OG role in the Discord and a Sidekick badge.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for the Sidekick...

Or be eligible for the stress test...

First, subscribe to Legendary Upside. (Monthly or yearly, doesn't matter).

Then, click the button below.

If you sign up by Friday, don't forget promo code LEGUP at checkout for $150 off your first year.

Happy drafting.

The LegUp Sidekick
The LegUp Sidekick is a dynamic rankings tool. Much like our playoff best ball tool last year, the Sidekick reorders our rankings after every pick. Except you don’t have to put your picks in anymore. All you do is select a player. The Sidekick automatically updates the rankings. Are you
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