Last Call on $50 Underdog Credit
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Last Call on $50 Underdog Credit

In a few days, we're going to be launching a new subscription tier.

We'll have lots more details on that soon, but for now, I'll note that this new tier will – while supplies last – come with a $50 Underdog credit.

And after Friday 6/14, the standard LegUp tier will – while supplies last – come with a $25 Underdog credit.

In other words, today is the last day you'll be able to sign up for a new yearly LegUp subscription and receive a $50 Underdog credit.

(It should then hit your account on Monday).

If you signed up in the last ~week and haven't received a credit yet, don't worry, this doesn't affect you and you'll see your credit when I send in the next batch on Monday.

($25 renewal credits are also unaffected by this change).

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