LegUp DraftKings Dynamic Playoff Best Ball Rankings

LegUp DraftKings Dynamic Playoff Best Ball Rankings

How to use LegUp Dynamic Rankings

The LegUp dynamic rankings are designed to help guide you through a playoff best ball draft without drafting a dead team.

But... it's harder to advance teams on DraftKings – which has a 1/6 Round 1 advance structure – than in some of Underdog's tournaments. You also have to roster a tight end, which creates another positional scarcity and live roster element to think through. You can read more about that here.

You also have two more rounds to play with, and will be drafting against players who've been pretty Round 1 focused in my experience.

Even more so than on Underdog, you'll need to bring you're own drafting skill to the table in concert with the tool below.

If you're looking for the Underdog version of this tool, click here.

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