Pre-Combine Dynasty Rankings Update

Pre-Combine Dynasty Rankings Update

This is a quick post to let you know that the LegUp dynasty rankings have been updated and expanded to 200 total players, including rookies.

Obviously, things are going to change significantly after we get Combine measurements and testing, along with a better sense of where these rookies will be drafted. But I thought it would be helpful to get my baseline thoughts a little more dialed here before the chaos ensues.

Dynasty Rankings
Dynasty rankings by Pat Kerrane with input from Steph Miller. Part of the dynasty collaboration with Davis Mattek and Jakob Sanderson.

If this doesn't fully scratch the dynasty itch... you're in luck. I'm working on my usual rookie deep dive articles with some strategy-based intros, as well as the dynasty and best ball outlook for the key players at each position. Look for those to start rolling out soon.

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