Rookies and Sophomores Rankings
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Rookies and Sophomores Rankings

This time last week, Underdog's Rookies and Sophomores tournament wasn't even on my radar. Today... I'm planning to draft as much as I can before the tournament fills.

If you're looking to jump in, I highly reccomend checking out Daniel Racz's strategy guide on the tournament.

Rookies and Sophomores Strategy Guide
Daniel Racz explains Underdog’s 2024 Rookies and Sophomores tournament for $20,000, including optimal roster construction and player targets.

We also did a podcast episode discussing his article.

Honestly, as of yesterday, I planned to leave things there.

This is a small tournament that got to 33% full in less than 24 hours.

But what can I say, I like you guys.

Below are uploadable rankings for the tournament. I'm drafting off these and they're too fun not to share—especially now that Underdog allows you to sort by ADP or ranking.

As always I don't recommend drafting verbatim off the ranks. Keep in mind how strong you are at QB and RB when considering players like Bo Nix (I like him as a QB3 on medium strength builds but not that much otherwise) or Jonathan Brooks (fun w/ an elite RB but tricky without).

I also recommend experimenting to try and generate weird combos. For example, from the 1.03 I'm sometimes taking C.J. Stroud (a mini-reach) with the assumption that 1.04 will take Anthony Richardson, leaving me one of De'Von Achane or Puka Nacua. I scoop the faller and then hope Tank Dell comes back, which has worked out pretty well so far.

This is also very much tournament where we want to scroll the F down.

WRs with strong chances for Round 2 capital, like Roman Wilson and Xavier Legette aren't always getting drafted. Others like Devontez Walker and Ricky Pearsall are rarely getting drafted. I'm doing my best to mix up these bets. Hitting on a Week 15-17 spike week from someone in this group should provide massive leverage on the field.

Happy drafting.

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