Best Ball Content Plan

Best Ball Content Plan


I can't honestly say that I have a rock-solid idea of the best ball content schedule on Legendary Upside leading up to best ball summer. But I can tell you this... I'm already drafting.

Drafting a fantasy football team in May or even June used to be an activity reserved for the truly sick. But with the growth we've seen in best ball over the last couple of years, May might as well be August.

If you're not fully in the best ball weeds yet, though, that might honestly be for the best. We have a lot of drafting ahead of us this summer, and there will be more tournaments to fire at than ever before. Best ball FOMO is going to be a constant feature of the NFL offseason going forward – but it's important not to burn out or burn through a bankroll before the heart of draft season. But as someone who is fully down the fantasy rabbit hole, I plan fairly regularly until Week 1. That'll help me keep my finger on the pulse of the player ADP as it fluctuates through free agency, the draft, spring workouts, etc. It'll also give me plenty to write about.

On Legendary Upside, you can expect some standard market reaction posts (Player X is a steal!), but I'll also have some larger philosophical musings to fire off.

Once we get into the summer, I plan to focus on some research-based best ball articles in a similar vein to the two I published on Rotoworld last year.

Researching those articles helped push me to draft more RB/RB starts and to pair those starts with 3QB builds at a higher rate... which directly contributed to my BBM3 win. This year, I'll likely be reiterating some of the key findings from last year's work, but I'll also do my best to find more tournament-winning nuggets for us to share.