Spike Week Collab + Underdog Credits Going Fast

Spike Week Collab + Underdog Credits Going Fast

Yesterday, I launched a new show with Erik Beimfohr called Legendary Sickos. This weekly show will dive into the weeds of the best ball landscape. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts. You can also watch it on YouTube.

In the first episode, we dive into tournament selection in the pre-NFL-schedule period, talk through the new Best Ball Mania Prize structure, and discuss how we're handling RBs on the 2/3 turn. We even find time to tout Chuba Hubbard.

This show is part of a collaboration with Spike Week... which includes an additional promo code for LegUp premium subscribers.

40% Off Spike Week w/ Promo Code LEGUP

If you're interested in signing up for Spike Week and taking advantage of their suite of best ball tools, sign up using promo code LEGUP, and you'll get 40% off.

If you recently signed up with Spike Week at their new pricing level, you're eligible to have a 40% discount added to your account. Just reach out to Erik on Discord (@ebeimfohr) or Twitter (@erikbeimfohr).

There's nothing for you to fill out on my end. As long as you're a premium LegUp subscriber and use promo code LEGUP when signing up for Spike Week, you'll get 40% off your Spike Week subscription.

Underdog Credits Going Fast

Speaking of things to fill out, I would not wait to fill out the form below to secure your $50 Underdog credit. Credits are going much faster than I anticipated. Although arguably, I anticipated poorly.

At this point, I would recommend converting from monthly to yearly if you're looking to reserve a credit. (With limited credits, I'm prioritizing yearly subscriptions.)

If you're on a yearly trial, don't worry -- filling out the form secures your spot.

If you haven't signed up yet, here's the link for $30 off your first year: https://www.legendaryupside.com/early. Make sure to fill out the form after signing up.

Underdog Form

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