Xavier Legette and Learning to Live a Little—WRs Tiers 6-7

Xavier Legette and Learning to Live a Little—WRs Tiers 6-7

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Tier 6 - Premium Dart Throws

Xavier Legette

At a Glance

Xavier Legette is a similar bet to Keon Coleman as a physical YAC producer who may or may not be able to win downfield in the NFL. However, unlike Coleman, Legette didn't emerge until late in his career. He has a very low floor.

Positive Indicators

Xavier Legette is coming off an extremely impressive final season. In 12 games at South Carolina, he posted a 71/1,255/7 receiving line on 97 targets for a 35% dominator rating.

Legette was also extremely efficient, with a 3.05 yards per team attempt and a 3.15 YPRR.

Legette's final season explosion is backed up by an elite size/athleticism combo. It's not just that Legette runs a 4.39 40 with elite jumping ability. He also weighed in at 6-foot-1, 221.


Legette was also an elite kick returner at South Carolina. He averaged 27.5 yards on 29 career returns with one career TD. Legette isn't just a workout warrior; he has football athleticism.

Legette wasn't a gadget player. In 2023, he played 65% of his snaps on the outside and was at 74% for his career. He also produced 43% of his yards on deep targets.

With 36% of his career YAC coming on behind-the-line-of-scrimmage targets, it's not like Legette was never used on manufactured touches. But his downfield/behind the LOS split here is more similar to Malik Nabers (30%/35%) than Xavier Worthy (23%/57%) or Ladd McConkey (21%/56%).

Legette's deep ability provides a clear path to NFL production.

Red Flags

Legette's final season was awesome, but it is the only remotely productive season he's had. Before 2023's 1,255 receiving yards, his career peak was just 167 yards.

Partly, this was a playing time issue. Legette played just three games in his first and second seasons and then just five games in his third season. He dealt with a variety of injuries over this period, including scrapes from a minor scooter accident, which earned Legette the nickname "Easy Rider."

But even in eight games as a fourth-year player, he managed just an 18/167/3 receiving line for just a 12% dominator rating.

And it's not like Legette was really even flashing before 2023. His career YPRRs were 0.42, 1.15, 0.51, 1.12... and then, out of nowhere, 3.15.

Very clearly, Legette's draft capital is entirely driven by a fifth-year breakout, which introduces serious bust potential.

Statistical Comps

  • Kenny Golladay
  • Eric Decker
  • Braxton Miller
  • Mike Williams (Syracuse)

Best Ball / Dynasty Outlook

Legette is a pretty easy guy to root for. He lost his mom to breast cancer in 2015, and his dad passed away in 2019. So, he lost both his parents before graduating high school. And then he spent much of his college career just battling to get on the field.

“I don’t think the kid’s missed one practice since I’ve been here. Which is hard,” offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said. “Because if you go that hard all the time, you’re going to have nicks and bruises, and get beat up and have sore hamstrings. But the guy’s built to last and he’s done things the right way.”

Legette's approach to the game and rare athleticism are likely to have won over a few scouting departments. He's expected to go on Day 2 of the draft, likely in Round 2.

From a fantasy perspective, he's a similar bet to Keon Coleman. Both can add on short targets but are primarily physical deep threats. Legette will play his rookie season at 23; Coleman will be just 21. But this isn't a particularly refined skill set. If Leggette can body up defenders and bring in deep contested catches, that should translate pretty quickly.

Like Coleman, Legette strikes me as landing spot dependent. He'll be most exciting with an aggressive downfield passer and has a very low floor play in most other situations.

Best Ball Recommendation

Legette makes a good pre-draft target in Round 13+. With a good landing spot in Round 2, he'll be pretty fun.

Superflex Rookie Draft Grade

Late 2nd round.

Ricky Pearsall

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