New LegUp Perk - $25 Underdog Credit for Renewing Yearly Subscribers

New LegUp Perk - $25 Underdog Credit for Renewing Yearly Subscribers

I'm happy to announce that I've renewed my partnership with Underdog for another season!

Like last year's deal, this partnership provides LegUp subscribers with Underdog credits.

Like last year, new and existing Underdog users are eligible for the credit. (If you haven't signed up for Underdog, use promo code LEGUP for a deposit match up to $100).

Unlike last year... new and renewing LegUp subscribers are eligible for a credit.

$25 Renewal Credit for Yearly Subscribers

In year two of Legendary Upside, I'm utilizing Underdog credits a little differently. Like last year, I have $50 sign-up credits available for new yearly subscribers (for a limited time).

I'm also offering a $25 credit for all yearly renewals.

These credits will be distributed starting in early May 2024. (My new partnership deal with Underdog officially starts 5/1).

How To Get the Credit

Fill out the form on this page if you have not already done so.

The form provides me with your username to share with Underdog, allowing them to deposit the credit in your account.

If you already received a $50 sign-up credit, you have already filled out the form and don't need to do so again.

If you're not a yearly subscriber... this is a good time to sign up for or switch to a yearly sub. I'll have more on this in a future post, but the $50 new sign-up credit will drop to $25 later this offseason.

Supplies Are Limited

I have roughly the same pool of Underdog credits as last year. But unlike last year, I have existing yearly subscribers receiving credits.

Essentially, demand is up, and supply is the same. As a result, I expect to run out of credits well before the end of next April.

What If I Recently Subscribed?

When I eventually "run out" of credits, this will mean I've run out of unreserved credits... but there will still be credits reserved for upcoming renewals.

My plan is to reserve enough $25 credits for all active subscriptions renewing before 5/1/2024.

So, for example, if you signed up this past March and you keep your subscription active, I will reserve $25 for you. In this example, you would see that credit in your Underdog account in March 2025, post-renewal.

What If I Already Renewed?

Everyone who subscribed last year, provided their username, and then re-upped again this year will be credited with a renewal credit.

This includes those who have already renewed.

If you've renewed and previously filled out the form, there's nothing else you need to do.

The credits won't be distributed until May, but they're coming.

What If I Canceled My Subscription?

If you subscribed last year but didn't renew... but would like to reactivate your subscription, you will get a $25 renewal credit—provided you do so before supplies run out.

In other words, if you subscribed to a yearly subscription, then canceled, and then subscribe again later this year, you will be eligible for a credit. However, I cannot guarantee that a credit will be available at that time. Supplies are limited.

What if My Subscription is Set to Cancel?

If you still have time on your subscription and it's set to cancel, I can't reserve a credit for you.

I appreciate that some people prefer to turn off auto-renew even if they are planning to renew. But for planning purposes, I have to assume upcoming cancelations are just that.

Is the $50 New Sign-Up Credit Still Available?

Yes. Sign up and then fill out this form.

However, I plan to eventually drop this to $25 to match the renewal credit. I'll send out a last call email ahead of time, but my current plan is to drop from $50 to $25 on June 1st.

It's a good day to sign up for or switch to a yearly sub...

What About Monthly Subscribers

Unfortunately, with a limited credit budget, this offer is only for annual subscriptions.

However, if you've been a monthly subscriber for a while and want to switch to yearly, email me at We can figure out what makes sense in terms of including a credit with the switch.

And if you're planning to be here a while anyway... it's a better deal!

Thank You

It's been over a year since I started Legendary Upside, and I have to say... it's been shockingly fun. I knew I would enjoy producing the content, but building out the LegUp team and community around the site has been even more rewarding. Thanks for being a part of it.

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