QB/RB Stacking in Playoff Best Ball - Podcast Episode

QB/RB Stacking in Playoff Best Ball - Podcast Episode

Earlier today, I recorded a podcast with Chris Gee, Daniel Racz, and Sackreligious on playoff best ball strategy for The Gauntlet. We got into QB/RB stacking, bye week QB strategy, and ADP volatility. We also discussed the current prices for the playoff teams.

One thing I'll note is that we recorded this before the Dolphins and Packers Monday Night Football losses.

The Dolphins' loss is the bigger development because it puts the Ravens in control of their own destiny for the No. 1 seed—although Baltimore still only looks about 50/50 to get the bye.

The Dolphins are down in Chiefs territory now, though. If you're comfortable drafting the Chiefs as if they won't get a bye – we discuss on the pod that that's how we're planning to play it this week – then you'll likely want to attack Miami the same way.

If you'd like to listen to this episode as an audio podcast, you can do so on the premium podcast feed. (If you haven't set that up yet, look for an email from mail@transistor.fm, and if you run into any issues with it, email me at legendaryupside@gmail.com).

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